Pin Up Aviator App: How to start playing

Introducing the all-new Aviator Game, a thrilling social multiplayer experience that takes you on an exhilarating ride up a steep slope, teetering on the edge of a potential crash with every twist and turn. As the game kicks off, the multiplier scale comes to life, setting the stage for excitement. Your goal? To make a wise decision and cash out before the fortunate plane takes its daring flight. Inspired by the dynamic world of video gaming, this format has found a home in crypto casinos for its uncomplicated yet pulse-pounding gambling thrills.

Recently making its debut at the renowned Pin-Up online casino, the Aviator Game has sparked a wave of enthusiasm among players. The news was met with cheers and excitement, prompting a rush of eager individuals to try their luck in the Pinup Aviator. The advantages are crystal clear: newcomers are presented with an exceptional opportunity to grasp the highest odds of victory, setting the stage for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Pin Up Aviator App - What is it?

Dive into the exhilarating realm of Pin Up Aviator and discover a gaming adventure like no other. This innovative creation takes you on a thrilling journey filled with excitement, strategy, and the potential for substantial rewards.

The Pin Up Aviator game introduces a captivating multiplayer concept that revolves around an escalating slope, delivering a riveting blend of risk and reward. As you embark on this high-stakes adventure, you'll encounter the constant possibility of a sudden crash, adding an element of suspense to every move you make.

Central to the gameplay is the dynamic multiplier scale, an ingenious feature that amps up the tension with each step forward. The scale beckons you to continue, presenting the opportunity for greater winnings. However, there's a twist: you must decide when to cash out before your progress, represented by the airplane, takes a daring flight. Your ability to gauge the perfect moment to exit requires strategic thinking and enhances the game's allure.

Inspired by the world of video gaming, Pin Up Aviator masterfully blends the thrill of gambling with engaging gameplay. This game format gained immense popularity within the crypto casino landscape due to its intuitive mechanics and adrenaline-inducing experience. Now, the Pin Up Aviator game is available at the prestigious Pin-Up online casino, granting players access to this unique fusion of entertainment and potential profits.

Whether you're a novice seeking a fresh and captivating adventure or a seasoned player in pursuit of a new challenge, the Pin Up Aviator game has it all. With its accessible gameplay, interactive multiplayer component, and the exhilaration of decision-making, it immerses you in an experience that's both enjoyable and suspenseful. Embrace the challenge, make shrewd decisions, and navigate the ascending slope of the Pin Up Aviator game to emerge triumphant.

Aviator Game at Pin Up Casino - how to start to playing 

Embarking on your Aviator gaming journey at Pin Up is a breeze – just follow these simple steps:

  1. Account Creation: Begin by setting up an account on the casino's official website. Click the "START PLAY" button located at the page's top to be directed to PinUp's registration page.
  2. Registration: Choose your preferred registration method and provide the necessary information as prompted on the screen. Afterward, await the confirmation email that validates your registration.
  3. Account Setup: Access your personal account and navigate to the "Deposit" section. Follow the straightforward instructions to complete your deposit, enabling you to dive into the PinUp gaming experience with real cash.
  4. Funds Deposited: Once your funds are successfully credited to your Pin-Up Casino account (typically within a few minutes), you're almost ready to soar.
  5. Accessing Aviator: On the main screen's top menu, locate the game "Aviator." Click on it to initiate your gaming session.
  6. Game On: With everything in place, you're all set to enjoy the thrilling Aviator game with real money on the line. It's your chance to embrace the excitement and test your luck.

By following these steps, you'll seamlessly transition into the captivating world of Aviator at Pin Up Casino, where thrilling gameplay and potential rewards await at every turn.

Pin up aviator app - Gameplay

Elevating the realm of online gaming, the Aviator Online Game introduces an unconventional and captivating gameplay that centers around a plane poised for departure at any given moment. As the round commences, the plane embarks on its ascent, granting players a window to seize the opportunity and cash out their bets before it vanishes from view. This game delivers an unparalleled gambling escapade with an aviation twist, appealing to avid casino enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Central to the Aviator Slot's essence is the ingenious random number generator, a driving force behind the plane's departure. This element of unpredictability infuses each round with an electrifying blend of anticipation and tension, keeping players on their toes as they await their chance for luck to take flight. With every spin driven by the random number generator, every moment unfolds as a distinct adventure, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. As the plane gains altitude and embarks on its soaring journey, the question remains: will your timing align for a successful cashout? Prepare for an experience that redefines online gaming and challenges your decision-making skills in thrilling ways.

How to register on the official Pin Up Aviator App

Embark on your journey by accessing the official registration page. Simply locate and click the "Join now" button positioned in the upper right corner of the main site page.

  1. Provide your email address and devise a robust password, ensuring it's entered accurately in the subsequent field.
  2. Customize your experience by selecting your preferred currency. 
  3. Solidify your commitment by checking the box to acknowledge and accept the casino's terms and conditions. Also, confirm your age, affirming that you are of legal gambling age (18 or above).
  4. With everything set, finalize your registration process by clicking the "Register" button, eagerly anticipating the upcoming steps.

Soon after, expect to receive a message containing an activation link for your account. Follow this link to validate your account and seamlessly log in to the official website, ready to explore the exciting offerings that await.

Achieving victory in the Aviator game hinges on placing your bet with precision, just moments before the plane embarks on its journey, and astutely withdrawing your earnings before it vanishes from view. The game's algorithm leverages Random Number Generation (RNG) to determine when the plane takes flight in each round, introducing an element of unpredictability that keeps players engaged. Each exhilarating gambling session spans approximately a minute before fresh bets are laid and the airborne excitement continues.

The allure of Aviator lies in its remarkable potential to amplify your earnings, boasting the remarkable ability to multiply your initial stake by an astounding factor of 100.

Revel in the confidence of indulging in a secure, regulated, and legally compliant gaming experience. Aviator boasts full legitimacy as it employs state-of-the-art RNG technology, guaranteeing the game's absolute fairness.

Application Highlights


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Version 1.3

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Android, iOS

📂 APK File Size

50 Mb

📦 Installed App Size

112 Mb

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Casino, Bet

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Website, apk, Google Play

Experience the thrill firsthand as you engage with the Aviator game, now available on your preferred mobile platforms, guaranteeing an immersive and exciting gaming encounter that's nothing short of captivating.

Benefits for Pin-Up Aviator app users from India

At Pin Up, we take immense pleasure in offering our valued users from India an array of exceptional benefits that are bound to elevate your betting journey. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

  • Diverse Sports Betting: Immerse yourself in an expansive range of sports betting options, ensuring an engaging experience tailored to your preferences.
  • Aviator Gaming: Enjoy the thrill of playing Aviator, adding an extra layer of excitement to your gaming repertoire.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate with ease through our intuitive interface, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable betting adventure.
  • Swift App Performance: Our app operates at lightning speed, surpassing browser performance for a smoother experience.
  • Effortless Registration: Experience a hassle-free and speedy registration process, getting you in the game swiftly.
  • Exclusive Bonus Alerts: Stay in the loop by subscribing to our mailing list for bonus offers, ensuring you never miss out on exciting promotions.
  • Secured Transactions: Your financial transactions are safeguarded, promising secure money transfers for your peace of mind.
  • Data Savings: Conserve your data usage with our app, optimizing your gaming while saving on data consumption.
  • Speedy Installation: Our app installs quickly, getting you into the action without delay.
  • Flexible Access: Bet anytime, anywhere, offering you the freedom to engage with our platform whenever you desire.
  • Effortless Deposits: Deposit funds rapidly and effortlessly, ensuring you're always ready for the next exciting bet.
  • Push Notifications: Stay informed with timely news and promotional updates through push notifications, keeping you connected.
  • One-Click Sports Betting: Place sports bets with remarkable ease, thanks to our one-click betting feature.

At Pin Up, we're dedicated to crafting an exceptional betting experience for our Indian mobile users, ensuring you receive unparalleled advantages and a journey filled with excitement and opportunities. Join us and discover the world of limitless betting possibilities.

Download the Pin Up Aviator App for Android

Unlock the power of gaming by obtaining the Pin Up Aviator apk download exclusively for Android devices. Here's a personalized guide to effortlessly download and install the app:

  1. Embark on Your Journey:
  2. Begin by navigating to the official Pin Up website using the designated link we've provided. Follow the link that leads to the much-anticipated Pin Up Aviator apk download, tailored specifically for Android users.

  3. Discover the Mobile App Section:
  4. Your next step involves locating the section devoted to mobile applications. On the captivating Pin Up website, spot the dedicated segment where you can seamlessly acquire the application.

  5. Secure the App on Your Device:
  6. Engage with the process by tapping on the Android icon, igniting the Pin Up apk download for the exhilarating Aviator game. Ensure your device settings permit downloads from sources deemed untrusted, if such configurations are yet to be enabled.

  7. Elevate Your Experience:

Watch as the Pin Up Aviator app finds its home on your smartphone, signaling the successful completion of the download. Take charge and proceed to install the app by interacting with the prompt, setting the stage for your immersive gaming adventure.

Congratulations! With the app securely downloaded and seamlessly installed, the Pin Up Aviator app stands primed and ready for your exploration. This is your key to unlock a world of excitement and entertainment, all within the palm of your hand. Get set to soar through the skies of gaming possibilities with Pin Up Aviator.

Download the Pin Up App for iOS

Unleash the world of gaming by effortlessly acquiring the Pin Up Aviator app tailored for iOS smartphones. The journey is simplified through these exclusive steps:

  1. Step into the Gateway:
  2. Initiate your quest by making your way to the official Pin Up website. Simply click on the provided link, leading you directly to the Pin Up's esteemed platform.

  3. Discover the App Oasis:
  4. Navigate within the realm of the website to locate the designated section that houses the coveted mobile app.

    Discover the entry point labeled as the "mobile app area," guiding you closer to the destination.

  5. Embrace the Download and Setup:

Engage with the transformative experience as you tap on the iOS icon, an action that gracefully ushers you towards the renowned Apple App Store. Within the confines of the Apple App Store, seize the opportunity to effortlessly download and seamlessly install the Pin Up app.

Congratulations! Your iOS smartphone now stands as a portal to the captivating world of Pin Up Aviator. With the app successfully downloaded and elegantly configured, you're primed to embark on an exhilarating journey of gaming prowess. Elevate your entertainment quotient with the Pin Up iOS application, ready to offer you a realm of excitement at your fingertips.

RTP in Pin Up Aviator Game 

Aviator, a creation by Spribe, stands proudly as one of the most sought-after games, boasting a commendable 97% payout rate. What sets this game apart is its commitment to transparency, achieved through the ingenious implementation of the "Provably Fair" algorithm—a cryptographic marvel that shapes each coefficient within every round.

Gone are the days of uncertainty; with "Provably Fair," coefficients spring forth not from the casino's server, but from an external, unbiased source. The result? A gaming experience that's as transparent as it is thrilling. Starting with an initial coefficient of 0.00, the RTP system takes the lead, orchestrating 100 rounds of engaging gameplay.

Under this system, your investment is fortified, ensuring a safeguard that lends confidence to your gaming endeavor. As you delve into the captivating world of Airplane Slot, your funds remain under the vigilant protection of the RTP system, making your gaming experience not only exhilarating but secure as well.


What's the typical duration for withdrawals to be processed?

Withdrawals usually undergo processing within three business days, although they often transpire at a swiffer pace. Initial withdrawals necessitate identity verification as a prerequisite.

Where can I engage in the Aviator Game without cost?

At our platform, we offer a demo version of the Aviator game. Alternatively, you can indulge in free gameplay on Pin-Up. To do so, establish an account and select the play-for-fun alternative. You'll receive a designated amount of virtual currency to experience the game. This serves as an excellent method to familiarize yourself with the gameplay before venturing into real-money bets.

What's the method for verifying the fairness of each round?

You can employ the Provably Fair algorithm to ascertain the equity of every round. Simply right-click on the icon adjacent to the outcomes within the My Bets or Top tabs to access and utilize this feature.

What's the most effective strategy for achieving success in the Pin Up Aviator game?

While there's no guaranteed method for triumph in Aviator, enhancing your odds involves selecting a reputable casino with a notable RTP rate. Leveraging bonuses and promotions as they arise is also advisable. Lastly, establishing and adhering to a budget is crucial to a well-rounded gaming approach.